A Kids Friendly Networking Event in Canterbury: Sharing the Christmas Story

Tuesday, 24 October

7:15 – 9:00PM


The Village @ Bryndwr Christchurch


Come experience new ways of exploring the Christmas story with an intergenerational and Kids Friendly approach!

We’ll begin our evening with a shared cuppa and supper at 7:15pm.

We will share in the wonder of the Christmas story through a full Godly Play session led by new Christchurch-based Kids Friendly coach Rev. Robin Humphreys. Godly Play is a great way to invite all ages into the wonder of Christmas.

In Godly Play, the invitation is given not for play in general but for play with the language of God and God’s people: our sacred stories, parables. Liturgical actions and silences. Through this powerful language, through our wondering, through the community of players gathered together. We hear the deepest invitation of all, an invitation to come and play with God.”

“Godly Play is a movement to influence the Church’s support of spiritually rich practices with children and adults.” – Jerome Berryman The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Vol.1

The evening will also present an opportunity to enter into the context of the nativity through stories told by Rev. Silvia Purdie. Silvia has recently returned from Israel and has been delving into the curious questions about the events around Jesus’ birth, such as:

  • Why was Jesus laid in a manger?
  • How come there was no room for them with the family in Bethlehem?
  • Why didn’t Mary just stay in Nazareth?

Silvia will get us thinking about the story we know so well in fresh ways, with insights from the Israeli context and new Biblical thinking.

We will also consider ways to creatively use our worship space in this holy season!

Please RSVP to: robin@kidsfriendly.org.nz

If you have any questions, please contact Robin on 027 561 3373