Children@Risk Prayer Week

25 June to 2 July:

Join us in praying for the many vulnerable children in our nation.  We’ve chosen Sunday 25 June to Sunday 2 July as the week to intentionally pray for Children@Risk, but if that doesn’t suit you, choose any Sunday during June (or later) and into the following week to intentionally pray for children at risk. 

We’ve (Presbyterian Support and Kids Friendly) created lots of resources to help you mark this important day and inspire your congregations and children to pray each day of the week. 


PowerPoint: Responsive prayer for children@risk

Theme song Hey Stranger and music for “Hey Stranger”

“Hey Stranger” PowerPoint with words of song and images (play song while PPT runs)

Children’s talk and activity for in-church or children’s programme:  “You don’t need wings to be an angel”

Children’s lessons:  “You don’t need wings to be an angel”,  “Hey stranger, hey neighbour

Praying for children at risk brochure with simple but poignant messages for each day of the week

And remember….You don’t need wings to be an angel  

Become a Guardian Angel for a disadvantaged child in New Zealand and help heal the hurt of family violence.  

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