Children’s Day

Pray for me logo-page-borderChildren’s day is on Sunday 4 March this year.  You may find some useful resources for events/activities here. Consider the following meaningful campaign for your community of faith this Children’s day. Every child needs loving adults in their lives who show them the love of God. So what if, this children’s day, adults in your church committed to pray for one child every day of the year.


What:  PRAY FOR ME is an idea inspired by a campaign in the USA.  We encourage you this children’s day, to join the PRAY FOR ME campaign and create time and space for every child to invite an adult to pray for them this year.

When?  Sunday 4 March, National Children’s Day (but of course this can be launched any time of the year)

Where?  The partnering of children with prayer buddies will take place at your church, during your service and children’s programme. The prayers will take place every day in people’s hearts and homes.

Who?  Children will invite an adult to be their prayer buddy.  The adult will commit to pray for the child every day for one year. (And of course the child can pray for the adult too!)

Why?  Children need adults to show them the love of God and encourage them in their faith journey.  Adults need children to show them the love of God and bring joy and hope to their lives.


Before the Sunday church service:

Prepare prayer pledge cards.

Email all parishioners to:

  • Inform them that the campaign will be launched on children’s day
  • Bring their children to church to be part of this exciting initiative
  • Ask parishioners to alert the PRAY FOR ME coordinator if they are willing to be a prayer buddy

Prepare “Pray for me” badges (using the “Pray for me” logo) that adults who are “opting in” can wear so kids can identify them when it’s time to find a prayer buddy.

Set up a PRAY FOR ME table at the door with the logo blown up on the table.

Hand PRAY FOR ME badges out to the adults as they arrive at church.

During the church service:

Allow time for the child to choose their adult prayer buddy.

Announce that all prayer buddies will join children in the children’s programme

During the children’s programme:

Make time for children and prayer buddies to:

  • Get to know each other (see suggested questions to facilitate conversation)
  • Fill in the prayer pledge cards (child and adult each has one to take away)
  • Have their photos taken (get these printed ASAP so they can be pasted onto the prayer pledge cards, or put magnets on the back so the child and adult can put it on their fridge to remind them to pray for each other)
  • Share morning tea
  • If there’s more time, involve the prayer buddies in other aspects of the children’s programme e.g. prayers, stories, songs, icing biscuits or cupcakes together etc.

Download the Pray for Me campaign proposal

Download the Pray for Me logo

Download the Pray for Me Prayer Pledge

Our children are our greatest treasure, so let’s treasure them

jack-and-jillJill’s story:  Joshua, our children’s ministry leader introduced the pray for me concept to us on Children’s Day last year.  He handed around a clipboard and asked adults and children to write their names down if they would like a prayer buddy.  A few weeks later we received an email to ask us to be at church the next Sunday to meet our prayer buddy.  We were paired and introduced during the worship service and then joined our buddy for morning tea where we got to know each other using the “getting to know you” card.  We had a photo taken of each pair and laminated them and made them into magnets for our fridges.  And guess what the name of my prayer buddy is?  Jack!  Jack and Jill! Before this I knew of Jack (because I volunteer in the children’s ministry) but I didn’t know much about him. After our time together I knew lots more about Jack and now were almost instantly friends!  Very cool!”