Neighbours Day – Children Loving Neighbours

neighbours day

Why not take this opportunity to explore with children Jesus’ teaching on how to be a good neighbour (Luke 10: 25-37) and ways they can be good neighbours too! 

This year Neighbours’ Day is being celebrated on 24 and 25 March 2018.


Our creative juices have been flowing as we’ve prepared these resources for you.  We hope you enjoy them and find them useful.  Please share any other ideas and stories you have for as to add to this resource for future years.

Our Kids Friendly Neighbours Day Resource includes:

The Good Neighbour Interactive Story/Play:   This is a simple response story that can be ‘acted out’ by the whole church or “Sunday School” with actions and sounds that the children (and adults) can join in with as you tell the story. They can stay seated to reduce the excitement.

good-samaritan-432x392The Good Neighbour PowerPoint Story:  Download this delightfully illustrated story (Adapted from Henry Martin’s free PowerPoint stories – .

 Good Neighbour Games:  A range of active and “not so active” games for you to choose from. 

Good Neighbour Prayers:  You might like to print these out for children to take home too!

 A Treasure Hunt Prayer Walk adventure:   This would work well as an all age activity with adults and teenagers helping younger ones to participate.

Download our Kids Friendly Neighbours Day Resource

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