Safety in children’s ministry

safetyIt is a legal requirement (General Assembly 2004) and our responsibility as Kids Friendly Churches to ensure the safety of OUR CHILDREN and OURSELVES, AS EMPLOYED LEADERS OR VOLUNTEERS, in children’s ministry.

Our Safety in Children’s Ministry resource gives you guidelines, strategies and sample policies to keep your children and leaders safe.

Click here to download our latest Safety in Children’s Ministry resource

Contents include:

1. Safety and protection legislation and procedure

2. Keys to Safe Practice:
• Following recommended appointment processes
• Developing and sharing safety and protection polices
• Educating leaders, congregation and families

3. Defining safety and developing policy:
• Physical Safety
• Psychological Safety
• Sexual Safety

4. Indicators of abuse and procedures for responding to suspected children abuse.

5. Sample safety and protection policy, code of ethics and code of conduct.

6. Samples Policies List (click to download).  For copies of any of these policies please contact

6. Police check policies and procedures.  Download the latest police check forms.

Safe Volunteers

We received a recent request from a church leader on how to ensure the safety of children under volunteer leaders.

While it is not mandatory to police check volunteer leaders we do strongly encourage it.  Download the latest police check procedures and forms.

You may like to consider introducing  a Volunteer Children’s Ministry Leaders Information Pack.

This includes:

  • Volunteer leader’s application form including declaration of non-criminal conviction and agreement to be police checked
  • Code of conduct and code of ethics for volunteer leaders
  • Sample Safety and Protection Policy (2015)
  • Letter of contract and volunteer’s position description
  • Lesson template for a Kids Friendly Sunday Children’s Programme
  • Church and children’s programme vision, mission, values, aims
  • PCANZ police checking procedures and current forms

Download our Sample Volunteer Children’s Ministry Leaders Information Pack