Transformers RUYL (Raising Up Young Leaders) is an initiative of Kids Friendly to help churches encourage and develop leadership and faith in young people (10-13 years).

We believe that every child has the potential to be a leader and leadership skills can be taught, developed and nurtured through intentional mentoring and opportunities to serve.

Around the age of 10+ our young people start making critical decisions about their life and often leave the church during this crucial time of transition. If we’re serious about our future church, we must invest in these future leaders.

Transformers RUYL takes the form of weekend camps. At Transformers camps children aged 10 to 13 creatively explore what it means to be a Transformer leader in training (LIT) inspired by Jesus – the greatest transformer of all. LITs commit to working with a mentor from their church for a year to achieve Transformer Awards and develop their leadership.

“In 2011 we encouraged four young people to go to the Transformers Camp and what an exciting time they had! All have subsequently contributed to our church services and activities and oozed such positivity, that others can’t wait to be 10 and join them. There has also been an overflow beyond the church. ‘I have done things at school which I never would have attempted before going to the Transformers Camp. I’m so glad I went’, said one girl to her grandparents. I heartily endorse the work of Kids Friendly and recommend Transformers to any church with young people”, says Rev Ron Bennett, Minister at St Andrew’s Presbyterian, Hamilton.

For more information on Transformers RUYL, including our goals, vision and the Transformers codes, please our brochure Introducing Transformers – Raising Up Young Leaders

Benefits of youth participation

When adults involve and take notice of children and young people’s views we give a powerful message about their worth and value. By recognising their role in positively shaping and influencing communities and accepting their contribution, we give a powerful signal that they matter – not just because one day they will be adults, but because of what they offer today, as children and young people.

Hear, Hear. Promoting children and young people’s democratic participation in local government.